What is Drop Shipping?

Our dropship program allows you to start your hair company without needing to stock the products. We keep the products in stock, and you purchase hair from us when your client orders from you.

How the Dropship Program works:

You sell the products under your hair company name/brand/website, we simply supply the hair and blind ship the products to your customers for you. You will still have to advertise and market your product. You still need to build your companies brand, but we take the load of inventory off your plate. We carry a variety of hair extensions for you to sell to your clients. The dropship program helps you by saving you money and time by taking care of the inventory for you. We give you the option to ship the hair to your customers or to you. You also get to name your own retail price for your hair company.

Dropship helps businesses run more efficiently without the additional cost of inventory, logistics, packaging supplies and staff to ship orders. This will help reduce your operating costs and increase profits. Factoring in the time it takes to ship a product, inventory, and manage the process can quickly eat away at your profits. Make sure to always factor these items when considering going into a product-based business.

To learn more and become a member of our Virgin City Hair Dropship program today, please click the link below! 

Virgin City Hair Premium Membership

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