The Truth About How Many Bundles of Hair are Needed for A Full Sew In

The Truth About How Many Bundles of Hair are Needed for A Full Sew In

Factors that Determine Bundles of Hair Needed

How many bundles of hair are needed for a full sew-in? Many women struggle with determining this when buying virgin hair extensions. The types of hair may vary in so many ways, from virgin hair to raw hair, from thickness to length, to color and texture.

All factors truly depend on the type of hair that appeals to you the most. Once you are educated about virgin and raw hair it will be easier to decide.

If you just want a quick style using virgin hair extensions we recommend the Signature Collection which usually last up to 1 year. If you would like a long-term investment using extensions that will last more than 2 years or more then we recommend the Premium Collection.

Bundles of Hair Needed for a Full Sew In

 Virgin Hair Requirements

The amount of hair needed for virgin hair in the signature collection is between 3-4 bundles for a full install.

Raw Hair Requirements

On the other hand, raw hair needs in the premium collection can vary between 2-3 bundles depending on the amount of volume desired.

Long Hair Requirements

Any length beyond 20 inches will require 3-4 bundles. Also, please be mindful that having a frontal or closure will not change the specified requirements.