Raw Burmese Hair Wholesale & Dropshipping

Raw Burmese Hair Wholesale & Dropshipping

Start Selling Raw Burmese Hair Extensions in Minutes

Raw Burmese Hair Wholesale Extensions are our most popular choice for both wholesale orders and dropshipping. The Virgin City Hair team are experts when it comes to launching hair extension brands! Virgin City Hair works with personal stylists, glam squads, celebs, entrepreneurs and hair salons to establish unique hair lines and brands.

Furthermore, dropshipping is a no-brainer for most companies. One of the biggest initial expenses for companies is inventory and a place to put the inventory. Luckily, with dropshipping, there is no inventory, no storefront, no storefront employees. This frees up tons of money for other expenses. Become a CEO and start your hair business today! We are based in Florida and provide the top hair companies with our raw and virgin hair.


  1. You send your client’s orders to us (e.g. Raw Burmese Hair).
  2. Then, we pack and ship the hair from your company name.

Hence, there is absolutely no need to be concerned about inventory!


  1. Our team will automatically update you with tracking information for your customer’s order.

In addition, we ship EXTREMELY fast.

Happy Clients

Your clients will love their Raw Burmese Hair Extensions. We sell thousands of hair bundles weekly with amazing feedback!

Do you want Raw Burmese Hair Wholesale or for Dropshipping?

By allowing Virgin City Hair to be your dropshipping supplier, you receive the benefit of a 100% convenient experience in being a hair extension supplier. We assume full control of the tedious tasks of communicating with suppliers, quality checking the wefts, making sure the hair has no lice, and dealing with other issues that could take place with the hair. In addition, Virgin City Hair has clients all over the globe. Our wholesale clients can be found in the UK, Caribbean, South America, Canada, Africa, and obviously the United States.

If you’re looking for a wholesale solution, or a solution to dropship hair extensions (especially Raw Burmese Hair Wholesale) — Virgin City Hair is that solution!

Lastly, we understand the difficulties associated with maintaining an inventory of virgin and raw hair extensions. With only a few curl patterns and lengths, especially long virgin hair, can cost over $15,000. Only having a few bundles of hair will not be sufficient to succeed. Especially since customers can quickly order multiple curl patterns and lengths of the same bundle.

Virgin City Hair will solve your hair extension inventory issues, issues with the aforesaid tasks, and sales issues with our membership. Our membership will give you unlimited access to our raw and virgin hair extension inventory.