How to Start Selling Hair Bundles Fast

How to Start Selling Hair Bundles Fast

We Make Selling Hair Bundles EASY.

All About the Program

You sell the hair bundles under your hair company name/brand/website, we simply supply the hair and ship the products to your customers for you. Though, it’s important to note that you will still be responsible for the advertising and marketing of your products . In addition, you still need to build your companies brand, but we take the load of inventory off your plate. Also, we carry a variety of hair extensions for you to sell to your clients. The dropship program helps you by saving you money and time by taking care of the inventory for you. Furthermore, we give you the option to ship the hair to your customers or to you for no extra charge. You also get to name your own retail prices for your hair company.

Dropshipping hair extensions helps hair businesses run more efficiently without the additional cost of inventory, logistics, packaging supplies and staff to ship orders. This will help reduce your operating costs and increase profits. Factoring in the time it takes to ship a product, inventory, and manage the process can quickly eat away at your profits. Make sure to always factor these items when considering going into a product-based business.

For only $39.99 / month and a $99.99 non-refundable one-time sign-up fee we can take care of the hassle for your company to get started reaping the benefits of this multi-billion-dollar hair and beauty industry!

Become a member of our Virgin City Hair Dropship program today! Once your membership is active, you will be able to login to receive wholesale prices on our inventory of hair extensions and other products. Please allow up to 72 hours for your account to be activated.


Why is there a Membership Fee?

We separate RETAIL clients from DROPSHIP/WHOLESALE clients like yourself. If the program was accessible to the general public, then your clients wouldn’t need to buy from YOU, since they could simply access our wholesale prices.


No Minimum Orders for Your Bundles!

Even though the prices are wholesale, there are no minimum orders! Bundles of hair can be purchased in any quantity, starting at just one! This feature is awesome for when your clients make small orders with you.


Transparent Shipping!

We give you the option to ship the hair to your customers or to you. This allows you to put more effort into marketing and selling your hair. Furthermore, we never mention our brand or company info when we ship the bundles to your clients.  Our team also does a comprehensive quality check of our raw hair extensions prior to shipping. The photos we take will give you peace of mind and can prevent clients from trying to hustle you. Your branding can also be added to each bundle of hair, though this step can increase processing time.


Get your Virgin City Hair Dropship Membership and start selling virgin hair extensions today!