Burmese Curly Hair: Featured Hair of the Month

Burmese Curly Hair: Featured Hair of the Month

Why Burmese Curly Hair?


This is the latest raw hair to join the range of human hair in the series. The Burmese curl is the rarest form of hair from the country of Burma.

Who Should Try Burmese Curly Hair?

The hair is suitable for people with coarse hair and has a very fine texture for African-American women. The hair is extremely resilient and healthy.

The wavy or curly nature of the hair makes it a suitable choice for those that like curly hair but don’t know how to properly maintain it. The hair comes in wavy or curly form and looks good straightened giving it a sleek, smooth, and silky texture. The hybrid nature of the Burmese curl gives you endless styling options.

What Makes Burmese Curly Hair Special?

The Burmese curl is known for its versatility and no two Burmese bundles are the same because all donors are different. The hair patterns range from kinky curly, curly, and wavy curly. The hair has a defined curl that reverts when washed, making it suitable for lovers of curly hair. The color comes in the natural color of the Burmese hair donors.

Characteristics of Burmese Curly Hair

  • Natural texture like that of fine human hair.
  • Extremely soft and thick.
  • Can be straightened, bleached and colored while still retaining its curls.
  • Does well with flat iron rods.
  • Comes to a shade lighter than normal hair making it easy to blend into any human hair.
  • Comes in sewn lace wigs with the perfect finish.
  • Is strong and does not break easily or shed/fall out.
  • Can last over 3 years with a proper maintenance routine after styling it.
  • Comes in hair bundles, full lace wigs, lace closure, and clip-in hair extensions.

How is Burmese Curly Hair Maintained?

As with other curly hair, the Burmese hair is no different when it comes to maintenance.

When going to bed, spray your hair with a mixture of 3-part water to 1-part conditioner with about 15 ml of natural oils. This is to dampen the hair and detangle the coil. Separate the hair, and braid or twist into two parts after moisturizing it.

Plait the hair and wrap it in a silk scarf or cap.

Avoid brushing your curls when wet but run your fingers through it to loosen the curls.

Use a suitable moisturizer to keep the hair from drying out. Excessively dry hair can lead to breakage and cause hair to frizz.

To wash your Burmese curls, use only a conditioner. No need for shampoos. This helps to keep the curls and coils while keeping the shine and sheen of the hair.

It is also recommended to use natural hair care products instead of hair care products containing harsh chemicals.