Should I Wash My Weave Before Installing?

Should I Wash My Weave Before Installing?
You must be wondering why you should wash your weave, except if you consider it as a normal hair attachment. We do, however, suggest that you wash your weave before installing it because they are harvested from another human being, so for courtesy sake, please wash your weave before installing.


However, washing the weave is the best way to go as there might be dirt or lice and contains germs and chemical residue from the factory. So, washing it will ensure that it is clean, germ-free, and healthy.

Keep in mind that all hair bundles should be wash before installing. Including both virgin hair and raw hair. Let’s see how to properly wash our weaves before installing.

How to Wash Bundles:

  1. Remove the hair from the pack and separate them
  2. Use preferably only conditioner but just to be sure that all the supposedly dirt and residue are off and no germs will be using your scalps as an incubator, a mild shampoo will be just fine too
  3. Use a moisturizing conditioner as this will keep the shine and sheen of the weave
  4. Place your weave in a bowl of cold water, squirt shampoo in your hands and rub all over the wet hair from tip to root
  5. Gently rub to massage the shampoo into the hair strands
  6. Rinse thoroughly and place into another bowl of cold water. Squirt some moisturizing conditioner in your palm and rub onto the hair; this will keep the softness of the strand and then rinse well
  7. Squeeze the water out by running the hair through a soft towel in your palm to remove excess liquid
  8. Gently loosen the weave and hang to dry. The weave is now ready for installing

Please note that if you are not sure how to wash your bundles, please take it to your hair stylist for proper care.

With all this treatment done, remember to always keep your hair moisturized and follow proper hair maintenance procedures to enjoy its durability. A great product line is As I Am.