Raw Virgin Hair vs Virgin Remy Hair: Which One is Better?

Raw Virgin Hair vs Virgin Remy Hair: Which One is Better?

Raw Virgin Hair vs Virgin Remy Hair

When purchasing hair extensions, we focus all emphasis on physical attributes. For instance, color, shade, highlight, length of hair, shine, texture, and durability among other hair qualities.

Raw Hair

Well, most raw hair extensions are virgin hair but not all virgin hair is raw hair. Hair that is unprocessed, or chemically altered by coloring, bleaching, perming, and dying is raw hair. This kind of hair is unadulterated, natural, pure, and 100% authentic human hair.

They are usually collected from a single donor that is not mixed with another; this is to say; a bundle of raw virgin hair consists of hair from a single donor.

Authentic raw hair is a delightful purchase as it’s the highest quality hair extension that can be bought. Raw hair has fuller and thicker strands that fit perfectly into your own hair. Furthermore, raw hair extensions are extremely durable and look natural with the same quality, texture, and feel of normal human hair. This quality means the hair can be treated exactly like your own hair by using normal hair care products.

Raw hair extensions have all the cuticles aligned and in the same direction. This makes it tangle and matting free, giving the hair an undisputed sheen and silky texture that prevents tangling and matting.

In addition, raw hair bundles are unique pieces because no two bundles are exactly alike but with distinct patterns and beauty. Raw hair bundles come in straight, curly, and wavy bundle giving you a natural look that is unequivocally unmatched.

Virgin Remy Hair

Remy hair is also virgin hair but most of the hair has been colored, dyed, and chemically processed. In addition, remy hair is cut directly from a donor with the cuticle intact with hair strands arranged in one direction like raw hair which prevents the hair from tangling.

Sometimes, the hair cuticle and tips are cut off to create an even longer hair. This type of hair is known as “unremy” hair.

Virgin Hair Types

The various types of virgin/human hair are Brazilian, Malaysian, Indian, and Peruvian with the latest, Burmese hair and they come in curly, wavy, and straight with soft, silky, and a beautiful sheen.

The Verdict: Raw Hair is best!

With the craze to keep up with the hair fashion trend, industries are rolling out raw, virgin, human or synthetic hair extensions. All of which are to keep ladies looking good, always. Most hair extensions in the market have been chemically treated or mixed with other hair sources. Some suppliers even go as far as adding animal hair to keep up with the demand.  Whatever your choice and demands are, just remember there is a hair extension for you. It might be very expensive, but it is well worth it!